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Want to enhance your work with some of the most powerful methods and techniques from NLP?

This 4 day CPD workshop will give you the skills and confidence in this therapeutic approach.

Developed in the early 1970's, NLP drew much of its early inspiration from the work of the exceptional psychotherapists Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls and legendary hypnosis pioneer, Dr. Milton Erickson. Despite Erickson's strong influence on NLP, many modern hypnotherapists aren't clear on how NLP can integrate with other hypnotic approaches as well as offer a stand-alone set of therapeutic methods.


This 4 day CPD course - taught by an experienced hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer - will explore the principles underpinning NLP, discuss the 'experiential constructivist' nature of NLP, demonstrate how an understanding of NLP can potentiate your current client work and introduce a number of specific NLP interventions that, skillfully used, can create rapid and powerful change.


By obtaining a Certificate in Therapeutic NLP you will be able to promote yourself to potential clients as offering this therapeutic approach that is gaining increasing visibility in the public mind.

Certificate in Therapeutic NLP

Many hypnotherapists will have looked briefly at NLP approaches on their original training, whilst others may have no exprience of NLP and are keen to know more. This 4 day CPD course is designed to enable hypnotherapists, counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches to develop an NLP tool-kit to add to their existing skill-set, without the need to complete a full NLP Practitioner training.

When?  Thurs 5th May - Sun 8th May 2016 inclusive.

Where? Mind Matters, Total Fitness, Chester (MAP).

Damian Hamill is an experienced hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP. He has over 15 years of experience in the fields of hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP and has written a number of eBooks including -



About the Trainer

What you will learn...

Who is it for?

We will cover a wide range of material on this course - ranging from imporant theoretical concepts through to practical hypnotherapeutic skills. We also look at a number of NLP concepts that can enable you to work effectively with clients without utilising classic, 'deep' hypnotic approaches. We will explore...

A brief history of NLP

The Presuppositions of NLP

The Four Pillars of NLP - Rapport, Outcomes, Sensory Acuity, Flexibility

Pacing & Leading

The Logical Levels Model

Sensory modalities & sub-modalities for change patterns

The Meta Model for quality informaton gathering

Reframing, including the Six Step Reframe

Future Pacing

New Behaviour Generator

Change Personal History

Visual Squash

Fast Phobia Cure

Perceptual Positions

The 'Swish' Pattern

Using Strategies

Basic Milton Model language

The use of metaphor for therapeutic change

This workshop is open to qualified hypnotherapists, counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches who wish to expand their knowledge and skill-set in working with clients. If you are unsure whether this course is right for you, please Contact Us to discuss your interest.

You may be attending this training simply to expand your skills, however many students may wish to use this training as part of their Continued Professional development (CPD) requirements. All attendees will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance reflecting 24 hours of classroom training.

An Introduction to Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy


Previous students have said...

"Damian is a gifted trainer, who gives outstanding value to all who he works with. His in-­depth knowledge and his engaging nature make it so easy to learn."

Glynes Mewton - Hypnotherapist

BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY and 'trance-form' your practice in 2016!

a FREE copy of the acclaimed eBook 'An Introduction to Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy'

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for the FIRST FOUR bookings or until Sunday 31st Jan 2016.

From 1st until  29th Feb the

price rises to £350.

EB offers

An Introduction to NLP: Exploring What Works

From 1st March until the course

the full price is £495.

We reserve the right to make small changes in the content to improve the quality of the training.

"Damian continuing professional approach to lecturing in a concise and enjoyable format has ensured that all the information has been embedded into my, and undoubtedly many other subconsciouses. Every lecture a joy!"

Neville Cox - Hypnotherapist

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course... I think you're one of nature's educators and I only wish I could transplant you as tutor onto another course I am doing."

Ann Sullivan - Hypnotherapist