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Weighing up which training course is the right one for you?  We hope the information presented below will help you select the training option that most suits your needs.

We offer a range of courses from a full-length, accredited voactional qualification to Continued Professional Development (CPD) workshops, and also Self-hypnosis courses for personal development.  Our recommednations about which may be best for you are below:


Q. Are you new to hypnosis & NLP and want to gain basic skills and a recognised qualification?


If so, our Diploma in Hypnotherapy & NLP is thre ideal course for you.


Q. Are you already qualified in hypnotherapy and/or NLP and want to look at specialist areas or keep your CPD up-to-date?


If so, have a look at our Hypnosis for Childbirth, Hypnosis for Sports and Hypnosis for Pain Control workshops.


Q. Do you want to be able to learn hypnosis skills for self-development?


If the answer is 'Yes' have a look at our Mastering Self-hypnosis courses which show you how to use this powerful state for personal development and exploration.


Q. Do you want to learn NLP skills to create better family relationships?


If that interests you, please look at our Positive Parenting with NLP workshop.


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David Kraft

- Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Still not sure what decision is right for you?  Contact us today for an ehtical, no-obligation discussion to help you explore your interest in these exciting fields.

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