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Want to expand your ability to work with clients experiencing physical pain?

This 2 day CPD workshop will give you the skills and approaches to be confident in this rewarding area.

Many hypnotherapists will have touched briefly on hypnosis for pain management in their original training, perhaps going no further than learning the popular 'glove anaesthesia' technique. With such limited knowledge of pain management approaches it is understandable that such therapists may lack confidence in working with those experiencing serious or chronic pain.


This exciting 2 day workshop is designed to go much deeper into this application of hypnosis and provide hypnotherapists with a much broader understanding of the use of hypnosis and NLP in the management of pain. By exploring key theoretical concepts and developing a range of powerful skills and approaches based upon them, students will leave with a flexible tool-kit to be able to bring relief to those suffering from many different types of pain.


A key focus of the course is an emphasis on quality information gathering to enable therapists to select the right type of intervention for the client they are working with.

Hypnosis for Pain Management

Prior to the advent of chemical anaesthetics the effectiveness of hypnosis in managing or eliminating pain was the medical Jewel in its Crown. Even wth  advances in modern analgesics it can be valuable as either a distinct or integrated aspect of pain management approaches. It is empowering, non-addictive and free of side effects.

When? Sat/Sun, 2/3rd April 2016, 9:30am - 5pm.

Where? Mind Matters, Total Fitness, Chester (MAP).

Damian Hamill is an experienced hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy trainer. He has over 15 years of experience in the fields of hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP and has written a number of eBooks including -



About the Trainer

What you will learn...

Who is it for?

We will cover a wide range of material on this course - ranging from imporant theoretical concepts through to practical hypnotherapeutic skills. We also look at a number of NLP concepts that can enable you to work effectively with clients without utilising classic, 'deep' hypnotic approaches. We will explore...

The multiple aspects of pain

Common categories and causes of pain

Linguistic concepts - how even the use of the word 'pain' exacerbates it

Locus of control and its influence on pain

Psychological effects of pain

Social consequences of pain

Overview of the Pain Gate Theory

Factors influencing Pain Gate settings

Eliciting quality information including Solution-focused questionning

Temporal aspects of pain and how to influence them positively

The importance of ethics in working with pain clients

Self-hypnosis for managing pain

Classic hypnotic phenomena in the management of pain

A wide range of specific techniques and processes for working with pain

An important part of this weekend will be the viewing and analysis of a classic video of a well-known hypnotherapist working live with a genuine pain client - a powerful and moving session.

This workshop is open to qualified hypnotherapists or NLP Practitioners and above. Others with a relevant clinical interest in psychological approaches to pain management may attend but should appreciate that a lack of understanding of hypnotherapeutic work may render some of the material difficult to follow. Such professionals might include doctors, nurses, anaesthetists, physiotherapists, sports therapists and those involved in palliative care. Please Contact Us to discuss your interest.

You may be attending this training simply to expand your skills, however many students may wish to use this training as part of their Continued Professional development (CPD) requirements. All attendees will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance reflecting 12 hours of classroom training.

An Introduction to Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy


Previous students have said...

"Damian is a gifted trainer, who gives outstanding value to all who he works with. His in-­depth knowledge and his engaging nature make it so easy to learn from him. He is so supportive and his ‘can do’ attitude just rubs right off!"I

Glynes Mewton - Hypnotherapist

BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY and 'trance-form' your life in 2016!

a FREE copy of the acclaimed eBook 'An Introduction to Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy'

Click the icon below for an audio recording of Damian discussing the role of hypnosis in managing pain.

Workshop price

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which we think is still fantastic value for a 2 day, learning-packed certificated CPD workshop!

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