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Do you want simple, practical skills to build a more rewarding & happier relationship with your children?

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Positive Parenting with NLP

  • A set of empowering principles to enhance your relationship with your children

  • How to use subtle non-verbal behaviour to connect powerfully & build rapport

  • The importance of managing your own 'state' - how to do it and why it matters

  • Skills to discover and connect with the positive intention underlying even the most frustrating behaviour

  • How to use language productively and skillfully to elicit desired responses

  • A range of techniques to interrupt and transform negative spirals

  • How to use your attention to positively reinforce desirable behaviours

  • Ways to nurture self-esteem and a sense of self in your child

Being a parent can be challenging and we all know the job doesn't come with an Instruction Manual.  This practical and fun 1 day course will give you a tool-box of simple, immediately applicable ways to make parenting a more rewarding, positive and enriching experience.


Amongst the many skills you will learn are:












This enjoyable workshop assumes no previous knowledge of NLP and allows you to join with like-minded parents in developing skills to connect in a more satisfying way with your children.  You will discover way to respond more resourcefully to common parenting dilemmas, feel more confident and reap the benefits of a calmer, more satisfying family life.


Saturday, 15th June 2013

10am - 4:30pm

Copleston Centre, SE15



Saturday, 22nd June 2013,

10am - 4:30pm

University of Chester.

Child to teach mother operation of computer

Price: £95 per person or

£150 for 2 people attending as a couple.